Moove to Alentejo – Portugal

On the behalf of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Portalegre and Beja – Portugal, we are glad to invite you to apply for a Seven Days International Fam Tour to the Alentejo – Portugal, with all expenses paid (with the exception of transportation to and from Portugal).

The sponsor of the event, MOOVE-Alentejo Incubators Network, is a network made up of 6 partner entities with relevance in Alentejo – Portugal region and whose objective is to boost technology-based business.

The aim of this event is to show off our region, its highly prepared technological facilities, innovative environment and friendly people so that we can capture the attendants interest and consideration for setting up an entrepreneurship business in Alentejo – Portugal.

To achieve this goal, we are offering a whole week of total immersion in one of the most unspoiled regions in Europe with great entrepreneurship potential.

We would really like to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to join a group of twenty peers from all across Europe and to share their culture and interests.

The schedule includes visits to Innovative Enterprises, Business Incubators and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also includes Creativity and Entrepreneurship Workshops and lots of fun and leisure moments.

We will have two separate events. The first will start on October 15th, the second on November 12th.

The only requirement is that you are over 18 years old and graduate/postgraduate or just an entrepreneur with higher education.


15th to  21st  October  and 12nd to 18th November of 2017


1st day (Sunday)
16:00 – Pickup of all international participants at Lisbon airport
19:00 – Reception to the participants (welcome session with group dynamics, explanation of the event )
20:00 – Diner at the José Régio Hotel
24:00 – Accomodation at the José Régio Hotel in Portalegre
2nd day (Monday)
09:00 – Morning with visit to Marvão, visit to the winery Melara Picado Nunes (Galegos)
13:00 – Picnic Lunch at the Portagem
15:00 – Visit to the BioBIP Business Incubator
16:00 – Workshop
19:00 – Diner at José Régio Hotel
21:00 – Conviviality in Portalegre
24:00 – Accomodation at the José Régio Hotel
3rd day (Tuesday)
09:00 – Visit to Portalegre
12:00 – Lunch at Campo Maior (Coffee Science Center)
13:00 – Visit Coffee Science Center, factory and winery
16:00 – Departure to Elvas
16:30 – Visit to Elvas and Graça Castle – UNESCO Heritage Site
19:00 – Departure to Évora
20:00 – Diner at the Dom Fernando Hotel
21:00 – Night Visit to Évora
24:00 – Accomodation at Dom Fernando Hotel
4th day (Wednesday)
09:00 – Group dynamics in Évora
13:00 – Lunch in Évora
14:00 – Visit to Business Incubators (NERE, PCTA, ADRAL)
17:00 – Group activity
19:00 – Sunset party (drinks not included)
21:00 – Diner at the Dom Fernando Hotel
22:00 – Conviviality in Évora (Giraldo Square) – UNESCO Heritage Site
24:00 – Accomodation at the Dom Fernando Hotel
5th day (Thursday)
09:00 – Visit to ANJE Business Incubator
10:00 – Departure to Monsaraz and the Alqueva Lake
11:00 – Visit to Monsaraz
12:00 – Departure to Amieira Marine
12:30 – Lunch at the Amieira Marine
14:00 – Water activity at Alqueva Lake
17:30 – Departure to Beja
18:30 – Check-in at Francis  Hotel
20:00 – Diner at Beja Park Hotel
21:30 – Night walk in Beja
24:00 – Alojamento no  Francis  Hotel
6th day (Friday)
09:00 – Visit to Beja
13:00 – Lunch in Beja
14:00 – Visit to Business Incubator
15:30 – Workshop
18:30 – Conviviality in Beja
20:00 – Diner at the Beja Park Hotel
21:30 – Closure of meeting and farewells
24:00 – Accommodation at the Francis Hotel
7th day (Saturday)
09:00 – Start of departures to airport
13:00 – Lunch in Beja (for participants who are still around)

The program may change at any time.