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One network of entrepreneurship in Alentejo and for the Alentejo.

Who we are? | Get to know us better.

MOOVE-Alentejo Incubators Network is one network made up of 6 partner entities (ADRAL, ANJE, IPBEJA, IPPORTALEGRE, NERE and PACT) with relevance in Alentejo and whose objective is to boost the technology-based business fabric and the creation of a network of entrepreneurship in the region through the help given to the development of companies, as well as the entrepreneurial culture of Alentejo human resources.

Advantages of belonging to the MOOVE network

  • Access to supports for startups;
  • Business Opportunities;
  • Partnerships;
  • Mentoring;
  • Quality of life;
  • Launch pad.

Testimonials from some of our incubators

“We were fortunate to be one of the first projects to be part of an innovative network. Congratulations for the initiative!”

Nuno MendesMercado Português

“Moove Network is an excellent initiative to create synergies in the region! Thanks to Call For Alentejo we have the possibility of being incubated in BioBIP. We were very well received by the whole team and the facilities are what we need to be 100% focused on our Project! ”

Inês NunesEquipa 2Gther

“Moove Network is a business development platform that has helped to evolve and boost BOOKS.i as a business idea in the initial phase, without a doubt an excellent experience. For those who want to validate their business idea, it is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity.”

Tony OliveiraBOOKS.i

“A space appropriate in a technological level, with ways to incubate ideas, projects, dreams and ambitions is the way to go in the Alentejo.

I really enjoyed the experience. I would like the Moove network to be also an office space. ”

Ana Mafalda BarretoEl Dorado

“I am grateful to MOOVE and all the partners of the project, which has helped me realize my dream of creating something, not just for me, but people like me to find professionally meaningful lives in our adopted country.”

Marina PluzhnykTejoNexus

“The incubator network has been very dynamic and efficient. ”

Tânia CostaR’searchYOU

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